Historical and technical insights about apparently impossible objects


Impossible puzzles are objects that, at first sight, seem impossible to solve.
The most famous impossible puzzle is the "Ship in a Bottle".
The goal is to find out how these objects are made.

Another well-known puzzle is a cube composed of two parts connected in 4 points by apparently inseparable connections. In this case, the solution is in the different points.

There are many different puzzles that contain these features: bottles whith large objects inside, Japanese coins with wooden arrows and rings stuck in the middle of a hole, wooden balls in a frame which just opens and so many others.

Dovetail's boxes also looks imposible to solve because it seems impossible to open the lid, looking around the box. 



la_mela_e_la_frecciaThe apple and the arrow in the picture on the right are both made from a single piece of wood. The hole is actually too small for the arrow and there are no marks on the neck. How was it made?

Some examples are: