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Logica Giochi [Puzzles] is a company born in 2009 in Italy, in province of Turin, specialised in the distribution of wood and metal brain puzzles, logic games of various kinds, wooden board games and some games for children always striclty produced with BIO and eco-friendly materials.

Our work

Combines passion with business and management skills acquired over time. This unique match guarantess our customers fast assistance, full transparency, detailed information on all products, excellent packaging design, quick preparation of purchase orders and a stock always updated according to sales statistics.
We have a large stock in Alpignano and we’re always ready to deliver the quantity of goods You need.
Brain puzzles are made in Thailand, China, Germany, England and then regularly imported in Italy. Before delivering the goods to the customer, all items are carefully checked in quality and specially/specifically packaged in Italy.
Our brain puzzles are inspired by traditional games of peoples around the world.
During the production are used ancient archives and books from the 18th and 19th centuries, when brain puzzles were the only form of home entertainment people could afford.
Ideas for most games are from Asia: China, India, Japan. We only present exclusive and interesting games and we make sure to respect all licenses.

Materials used in production


Main part of our Thai games are hand-made, even if modern tools are used too, such as the router and the fretsaw.

The workers of our factories are treated according to the European model: well and regularly paid. Child labor is never used.

In Thailand child labor in factories has been banned for more than 10 years now.

Maximum attention to the environment: the wood used for our puzzles comes exclusively from artificially grown and reusable forests. All treatments used to make them resistant to time and humidity are of excellent quality, non -toxic and they all comply with CE regulations.

OUR TEAMWe are a winning team